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Piano Liguori

Among vineyards and sea, the walk toward Piano Liguori in Campagnano is one of the most beautiful and panoramic of the island of Ischia

Starting from the square of Campagnano, a small rural village on the hills of the municipality of Ischia, through the vineyards, the ancient village of Piano Liguori can be reached. The village consists of a few houses, where time stopped and life is still lived like in ancient years, when the water was taken from the well, and the heat was provided by a fireplace or a brazier. Just a few people live in this village. They farm a very fertile soil which produces plenty of grapes, fruit trees, and vegetables. Among the treats of this area, it is worth mentioning a special type of beans, called "zampognari", and an excellent olive oil.

The walk among the vineyards is really unforgettable: The land is arranged as terracing, so the eyes can look at the open sea, at the island of Capri, and at the creeks where seagulls live. Along the way, some benches are available to pause for a snack or to do some bird-watching: Hawks and kestrels live in these coasts.

Once you arrive at the restaurant, you are in the heart of the village. Wonder around these old houses made of volcanic rock and, eventually, continue your walk heading south-west. A small path will take you to the highlands, where you will be able to admire the bay of Scarrupata (southern area of the island). Otherwise, if you take another path downhill, you can reach the hill of Saint Pancrazio, where you will find a charming chapel which hosts the statue of the saint, and a vast panorama to admire.

  • Piano Liguori

    Piano Liguori

    Among vineyards and sea, the walk toward Piano Liguori in Campagnano is one of the most beautiful and panoramic of the island of Ischia

  • The Epomeo

    The Epomeo

    It is the highest mountain of the island. Whoever arrives on the island is struck by this very high mountain which is noticeable at the centre of the island, visible from the sea.


  • The "La Mortella" Gardens

    The "La Mortella" Gardens

    A really "royal" botanical park. A few years ago, Charles of England visited this area and was really struck by the beauty of the gardens and the extraordinary collection of plants.


  • The Ravino Gardens in Forio

    The Ravino Gardens in Forio

    The botanical garden Ravino in Forio is the kingdom of succulent plants. It spans for about 6000 square meters, and it contains one of the biggest collections of cactaceae, succulent, and bonsai plants of the island of Ischia.


  • Cavascura at the Maronti beach

    Cavascura at the Maronti beach

    A place where time stands still, where the natural realm of the island shows all its richness: Water, plants, and sun a stone's throw from the sea.


  • The Spring of Nitrodi

    The Spring of Nitrodi

    Legendary and miraculous magical waters: The Spring of Nitrodi in Barano is one of those extraordinary places on the island of Ischia known since the beginning of time.


  • Ischia from the Sea

    Ischia from the Sea

    A tour around paradise: Have you already admired our land, its natural environment, the untarnished beaches, and its most secret places?