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Cartaromana Bay and Reef of Saint Anna

The Cartaromana Bay, where the Strand Delfini Terme Hotel is located, is one of the most romantic basins of the island of Ischia.

The beach of Cartaromana, a famous thermal area, overlooks the Aragonese Castle. Its natural thermal baths were known already in ancient times, when in this area was standing a city called Aenaria. Aenaria has been discovered in the seventies: A few scholars discovered at the bottom of the sea archaeological materials attributable to a village of the Roman age.

This ancient city sank into the sea after a natural disaster, toward the end of the first century BC, and today the remains are buried under the sand, exactly in that emerald sea where our guests bath, admiring the surrounding beauties.

Also the reef of Saint Anna, tall rocks that guard our hotel, is one of the most famous attractions of the island. Produced from the capricious volcanic nature of the island, these Rocks of Saint Anna are silhouetted against the sea, and create such a picturesque landscape that many artists and view painters of the nineteenth century immortalized them, to celebrate the Mediterranean dream of the sublime Ischian nature.