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Suggestions of the Delfini Hotel to spend your free time on the island of Ischia

Ecological walks: Did you know that one of Ischia's names is "Green Island"? You certainly know, also because the island is famous all over the world for its huge natural heritage, made up of woods, fields, pine forests, and public parks, and for the lush vegetation which cannot easily be contained; in Ischia, you may notice that, in any little piece of land with some soil, a plant grows. Did you know that Ischia is also known as the "Island with Thousand Thermal Waters"? You certainly know this too. But, maybe, we can also tell you that some of these thermal springs are located in very beautiful places, by the sea and in hidden creeks; therefore, these places are not only interesting for the thermal springs, but are also wonderful sites to visit. Did you know that this is the island with thousand gardens? You must have heard of this too. And you might also know that the island of Ischia hosts one of the most prestigious botanical gardens of Europe, called "La Mortella", a park which received many awards and whose splendour greatly impressed Prince Charles of England, who was visiting the island. And at last, did you know that our great island keeps surprising even us who live here, for the richness of all its wonderful places that definitely deserve a visit? That is why, at the Strand Delfini Hotel of Cartaromana, we want to propose to our guests some of the most interesting itineraries on the island of Ischia, and we want to provide you with some directions to maximize your free time.

  • Piano Liguori

    Among vineyards and sea, the walk toward Piano Liguori in Campagnano is one of the most beautiful and panoramic of the island of Ischia

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  • The Epomeo

    It is the highest mountain of the island. Whoever arrives on the island is struck by this very high mountain which is noticeable at the centre of the island, visible from the sea.

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  • The "La Mortella" Gardens

    A really "royal" botanical park. A few years ago, Charles of England visited this area and was really struck by the beauty of the gardens and the extraordinary collection of plants.

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  • The Ravino Gardens in Forio

    The botanical garden Ravino in Forio is the kingdom of succulent plants. It spans for about 6000 square meters, and it contains one of the biggest collections of cactaceae, succulent, and bonsai plants of the island of Ischia.

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  • The Spring of Nitrodi

    Legendary and miraculous magical waters: The Spring of Nitrodi in Barano is one of those extraordinary places on the island of Ischia known since the beginning of time.

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  • Ischia from the Sea

    A tour around paradise: Have you already admired our land, its natural environment, the untarnished beaches, and its most secret places?

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