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The Affiliated Spa

Open the doors to your wellbeing in a place completely dedicated to health and beauty: The Delfini Hotel is affiliated with the health and beauty centre, a space of total relaxation where we will take care of you.

In partnership with our hotel, is available the health and beauty centre, a facility which is ancient and new at the same time. It is ancient because, in the footsteps of our Roman ancestors, the ritual of the thermal waters continues here using the same Cartaromana springs where the old Latin patricians used to bath more than two thousand years ago; these are the same waters that have been praised in the sixteenth century by Giulio Jasolino, in his famous essay on the springs of the Ischian underground.

Of that faraway world, we had decided to keep unchanged the appeal of the ambiance. When you enter our spa, you will find yourself in a real temple dedicated to body and mind, a place where East and West meet on the edge of the waters that heal and purify. At the same time, the health and beauty centre, in partnership with the Delfini Hotel, with its state of the art facilities, which use advanced technologies to optimize spring waters and beauty treatments, is definitely modern. There is also a long and great history of wellbeing in the competent hands of our professionals, who will suggest custom health and beauty treatments and will take care of you, your skin, your body and your mind… because at the Ischia spa your mind can fly!

The Spring Waters

Ischia's spring waters: One hundred springs for a totally natural medicine.

Ischia's spring waters are famous all over the world for their healing virtues which address a vast range of illnesses. Unlike the traditional pharmacological treatments, the therapies available at the spa do not cause any side effect. For this reason, many people with small and big health issues arrive on the island from all over Europe to be cured in a natural way. The active principles and the mineral substances dissolved in Ischia's spring waters have been studied for centuries. The most famous historical essay is that of the Renaissance doctor Giulio Jasolino entitled "Of the natural remedies in the Pithecusa island, today called Ischia". After Jasolino, many scholars and doctors have been fascinated with the spring waters of Ischia, and a vast scientific literature flourished throughout the years. Why are these waters so effective? They are born from the encounter of water and fire, in the bowels of the Ischian volcanic earth. Most certainly, the first thing that stands out is the incredible fertility of the island. The presence of plants everywhere on Ischia demonstrates the richness of the land. When the rainwater penetrates in the soil, it catches this immense energy and brings it back to the surface in various shapes: Hot water, mud and hothouses, the Ischia spring waters. The volcanic energy will be transferred to the mind and body of those who bath in the gold of Ischia.

The Therapeutic Effects

What can be treated with Ischia's spring waters

The spring waters of the island of Ischia can treat many important groups of diseases. In many instances, the spa treatments with baths and Ischia's mud have solved cases that are hard to cure with traditional medicine. The Cartaromana waters consist of salty, bromine, and iodic waters: They are specifically suitable for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, metabolism, airway ailments, obesity, and gynaecological issues.

Ischia's spring waters are especially helpful for the treatment of osteo-arthrosis illnesses and for other cases of extra-articular rheumatisms. For these types of diseases, the spring water treatments have a rehabilitation effect, giving the patient more agility and decreasing the pain. The first results are noticeable immediately, even though it is better to repeat the thermal treatment cycles annually, in order to resolve the problem more radically. Once a steady improvement has been obtained, it is necessary to repeat the treatments to avoid relapses.

Rehabilitation Medicine
After an accident, a sport mishap or a surgery to the limbs and the back, it is difficult and hard to get in shape. The times of recovery are shortened with the thermal water treatments, which also provide a pleasant way to undergo rehabilitation therapy. According to the trauma suffered, a program of motor rehabilitation will be arranged, which can include massages, gymnastics in thermal water, and mud treatments. The thermal therapies act on the entire body and on the muscle tone, strengthening the beneficial effects of rehabilitation medicine.

Respiratory System
People with sinusitis, constant colds, sore throat, earache, and other otolaryngological issues will notice a great improvement with the Ischia spring waters. For these types of ailments, treatments with insufflators and inhalators are specifically used. For the treatment of ear illnesses, like chronic otitis, the thermal gas enters the body via the nose with a nasal compressor, and re-establishes a proper ventilation. For other types of ailments, like sinusitis and pharyngitis, the inflation takes place inside the cavity of the nose or the mouth, via an aerosol.

The skin is rightly considered the mirror of our organism. A beautiful skin is also a healthy skin. The thermal waters of the island of Ischia have been known since ancient times for their ability to make the skin smooth, shining, and tonic. The waters are largely used for skin treatments, and are really a miracle cure for acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other diseases of the skin, also of psychosomatic nature.