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The Parade of Saint Alessandro

If you come to Ischia on August 26, you will feel like you have gone back in time: The roads are filled with people dressed in wonderful period dresses. It is the day of the parade of Saint Alessandro, which has been organized for decades by the residents of the small village of Sant'Alessandro, on the left hill of the Ischia port. The procession is really magnificent and hundreds of walk-ons participate dressed in historical costumes of all the eras of Ischia's history: It starts with the ancient colonists of Euboea, dressed with period skirts and footwear, then the splendour of the sixteenth century of Vittoria Colonna and Ferrante D'Avalos is represented, to end with the Bourbon kings. The procession starts at the Aragonese Castle, passes through the main streets of the municipality, and ends in the small village of Saint Alessandro, where a night of festivity takes place.