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Get married in the enchantment of a special place.

Your wedding ceremony at Ischia's Hotel Delfini will be an unforgettable event because it will be celebrated in a place which is unique in all the world: a turbid bay, the view of the Aragonese Castle, a hotel that seems to come straight out of the Arabian Nights, a banquet fit for royalty, choice food, high quality cuisine and perfect service.
Anyone who wants to celebrate their wedding in grand style on the isle of Ischia chooses the Hotel Delfini.
Anyone who wants to experience the poetry of the most romantic day in their life chooses the Hotel Delfini.
Anyone who wants to astonish their guests with an exclusive, refined, perfect party chooses to get married in splendour at Ischia's Hotel Delfini.
Ischia's Hotel Delfini, a hotel loved by the stars, is an excellent place for grand events which are intended to leave a mark. It is no coincidence that the Ischia Global Film Fest, one of the most important shows that takes place on the Isle of Ischia, chose us as the "set" for its parties with film stars.

We organise sumptuous banquets in grand style even for up to eight hundred people.
Large terraces overlooking the sea, graceful gazebos, tables adorned with festoons of flowers and fruit, and all with a backdrop of the majestic Aragonese Castle and the Sant'Anna reefs.

What better setting for your party?
And to add to the astonishment at Hotel Delfini's elegant interior and exterior, there is the arrival of the bride, the beautiful centre of attraction, who can choose to join her friends and relatives from the sea, like a true diva, on one of our private crafts.
But the emotion of a wedding doesn't stop with the aesthetics because the menu which you choose – we offer more than 15 variations – will be a banquet for the gods, prepared bythe chef Giovan Giuseppe D'Acunto, to whom we have entrusted our kitchen for the tourist season.

But the fairy tale doesn't end here.
You will spend your wedding night in a truly special love nest, our Royal suite, a noble dwelling, a regal apartment, with a view of the most beautiful scenery on the island.
The Royal Suite is our gift to the bride and groom, as a tribute to a dream which comes true today.

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