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Facial treatments

Let your holiday time also be an opportunity for your face’s re-birth

If Mother Nature has blessed us with the enchanting gift of a radiant face, we must not forget to lavish it with the care necessary for keeping it forever young, with a skin as velvety as rose petals.

Because, like a rose, even the most beautiful face can wither prematurely if not treated attentively, guarding it against excessive exposure to the sun, conducting a healthy life and even dedicating a little time on focussed anti-aging or re-structuring treatments.

  • Traditional facial cleansing

    Ideal treatment for doing away with impurities, skin blemishes and dead cells. The treatment is carried out with ozone steam and manual cleansing, and concludes with a shaping and invigorating massage. The IschiaThermae Products used are chosen according to the type of skin.

    75 minutes| 60,00 €

  • Renovateur Hydratation Intense

    Deep-effect treatment, super-hydrating and anti-ageing. Thanks to the combination of a manual draining and relaxing massage with mask and serum concentrate in natural Polynesian waters, the skin regains moisture, suppleness and radiance.

    60 minutes| 100,00 €

  • Renovateur Douceur Extreme

    A treatment with a soothing, decongesting and lenitive effect. Ideal for a skin that is sensitive or affected by erythema (sun rash). Thanks to the action of masks and products based on cotton and camomile extracts, the skin recovers balance, vigour and vitality.

    60 minutes| 100,00 €

  • Renovateur Pureté Extreme

    Purifying and balancing treatment. Ideal for neglected and blemished skin. Thanks to the Ideal Pro-lift combination, allowing deep cleansing, and products based on grapefruit and paw-paw extract, a matt finish, purity and moisture are returned to the skin.

    60 minutes| 95,00 €

  • Renovateur Visage Parfait

    Energising and anti-wrinkle treatment. Ideal for the most demanding of mature skins. Thanks to the combination of facial serums concentrated into regenerating bio- technological complexes, a specific massage with Ideal Pro-Lift and a specific “sculpting” massage, sheen, suppleness and brightness is restored to the skin. Wrinkles are visibly lessened.

    90 minutes| 150,00 €

  • Renovateur Anti - Age

    Treatment with a lifting and firming effect. Ideal for a skin presenting signs of slackening. Thanks to the combination of a manual firming massage, a specific massage with Ideal Pro-lift and professional products concentrated in bio-vegetal complexes, the skin recovers compactness and vitality.

    60 minutes| 130,00 €

  • Facial mask with Ischian flowers cream massage

    Treatment with a nourishing and/or moisturising effect, followed by a 10-minute session of massage. It has an immediate soothing effect on skin irritated by external sun and environmental agents. An optimal solution for restoring well-being and relaxation.

    20 minutes| 40,00 €

  • Facial treatments

    Facial treatments

    Let your holiday time also be an opportunity for your face’s re-birth

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  • Beauty treatments

    A vacation by the sea will make your whole body more radiant but give some thought to the beauty of the particulars as well!

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  • Spa

    The spa and hot water springs are our most valuable asset

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  • Physiotherapy

    There are many physical problems and pathologies that find a very beneficial effect from physiotherapy

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