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The spa and hot water springs are our most valuable asset

Before gushing to the surface, this precious lymph travels a very long path far below in the bowels of this volcanic earth, where it encounters the power of fire, salts, many rare and precious minerals, rocks and rain, and during its journey, steals a little of these buried treasures, bringing them back to us. This is why thermal mineral spring waters are so extraordinary for treating and invigorating our body. And this explains why, after a cycle of spa treatments, we rediscover our well being and “volcanic” strength.

  • Spa treatment

    By immersing the body in a tub or pool containing spa water at a temperature of 37-38 °C, the water’s heat will speed up the metabolism, blood vessels and muscles relax, spasms are attenuated and nerves soothed. A simple spa bath lasts about 20 minutes, after which the guest gets towelled dry and left to rest for another 20-30 minutes to maximise the reaction.

    16,00 €

  • Ozonising bath

    Thermal treatment that consists of immersion in water containing ozone bubbles. It carries out a trophic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action on the skin; furthermore, the presence of ozone favours the absorption of the minerals contained in the thermal spring water: these are beneficial to blood vessel walls. It mainly benefits: skin ailments, mild arterial hypertension, vascular pathologies and peripheral arteriopathologies, venous problems, arthritis, after effects caused by shock. It can be applied as a simple treatment or combined with the hydro-massage technique.

    22,00 €

  • Inhalations

    With the inhalation treatments, by means of different techniques, more or less finely fractioned thermal water is introduced in the respiratory tract, together with the gasses contained in the water. Besides the direct and local action on the respiratory tract, through the mucous membranes, lymphatic vessels and blood circulation, a generally beneficial action is also obtained on those organs and systems not directly connected.

    10,00 €

  • Aerosol

    Thermal aerosols are made up of fine mineral water particles able to, according to their size, reach even the most distant branches of the respiratory tract. Indicated for infections of the low respiratory tracts, such as bronchitis.

    10,00 €

  • Ozonizing Bath

    8,00 €