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There are many physical problems and pathologies that find a very beneficial effect from physiotherapy

Whether the trauma involves sport or post-surgery, accidents or backaches of various nature, physiotherapy – a branch of modern medicine –allows the recovery of the perfect functionality of the muscle –skeletal system through its various techniques. At Hotel Delfini, proven professionals and medical personnel will help you regain perfect shape, while you are making the most of your vacation by the sea.

  • Hydro-kinesiotherapy

    Hydrokinesiotherapy is the discipline that proposes the cure of motor problems through water. The rehabilitative pool is a pool specifically designed to allow comfortable and safe therapeutic movement in water. The effects of the pool therapy combine the effect of the water action with those of physical exercise. The water temperature, at 31-34°, plays a positively beneficial role on the whole human body at the level of muscles, joints and nervous system. By exploiting the floating principle, joints are not overloaded, the whole muscular-ligamental apparatus gets relaxed, a speedier recovery of strength is promoted together with muscle functionality. Movement is made much easier, even in conditions of overweight.

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  • Ionophoresis

    Ionophoresis consists in an active principle being introduced in the system through the skin, utilising a direct current produced by a specific generator. The advantages in administering active principles in this way are basically the following: avoiding direct administering via the system, applying the active principle directly to the body area concerned by the pathology, allowing only the active principle to be administered without carrier substances, allowing the ions to attach themselves to defined protoplasmatic proteins, hyperpolarising the nerve endings.

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  • Laser therapy

    Laser therapy consists of the utilisation for therapeutic purposes of effects produced by the electromagnetic energy generated by two laser light sources. The Laser flow, which penetrates the tissues, causes biochemical reactions on the cellular membrane and within the mitochondrions, inducing different effects among which: vasodilatation and increased lymphatic drainage. The laser therapy’s fields of application are the following: arthritic pathologies of various natures, both rheumatic and degenerative, general traumatology, motor rehabilitation.

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  • Kinesiotherapy

    Kinesiotherapy is a particular manipulation therapy which focuses on the rehabilitation and functional re-education of single muscles or muscular groups, or of the entire system. Kinesiotherapy is divided into passive and active: in passive kinesiotherapy, the therapist carries out on the patient, who will remain passive, particular techniques aimed at correctly managing the movement of the part of the body to be treated; in the active mode, it is instead the patient himself that actively acts under the guidance and supervision of the therapist, who will encourage the patient to carry out the most suitable exercises.

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  • Manipulations

    Manual operation on the spinal column with the purpose of curing static-dynamic changes to one or more bone segments, muscular contractions, circulatory ailments etc. The most important methodologies applied are osteopathy and that of the chiropractor. The former states that changes in the spinal column’s structure lead to pathologies not only of the osteo-arthro-muscular apparatus, but also to organic pathologies. Therefore, by realigning the spinal column by means of opportune manipulations, the patient also recovers the functionality of ailing organs. These manipulations are performed with unblocking movements in which the patient is required to actively participate. The Chiropractor deploys swift manipulations, consisting of sharp movements of bone segments in order to exclusively treat osteo-muscular complaints, seeking bone and muscular structure symmetry and favouring the functional restoring of the motor system.

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  • Magnetotherapy

    Magnetotherapy (or electro-magnetotherapy) is a type of therapy carried out on the suggestion of orthopaedic, physiatric or geriatric specialists and consists of an opportune irradiation with a generally localised magnetic field. The magnetotherapy has numerous fields and various modes of application, but acts mainly in regularising the electrochemical balance of cells and restoring the correct permeability of the cellular membrane; with this aim, the areas suffering from muscular, articular and bone pathologies and tissue ailments in general, are subjected to focussed irradiations

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  • Ultra-sound therapy

    Ultra-sound therapy utilises the mechanical energy of sound waves at a frequency so high that it is imperceptible to the human ear. The ultrasound therapy equipment consists of a high frequency current generator, a screened cable and an emitter head which is usually placed on the area to be treated in either fixed or mobile mode. Ultra-sounds can also be used in water: the head is immersed under the water surface close to the area to be treated. The ultra-sound therapy exercises a mechanical effect, a thermal effect and a chemical effect, favouring exchanges within the tissues. From the combination of these effects are derived the various therapeutic actions: analgesic, antiphlogistic, fibrolithic, muscle de-contracting as well as the metabolic circulatory stimulus.

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  • Hydrotherapy

    Detoxifying and restoring treatment, ideal for controlling leg swelling and fluid retention. Immersions in hydro-massage tub with pure essential oils, oceanic algae wraps and final massage.

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