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The Maddalena Woods and the "Cretaio"

A very nice walk, that can be completed in 3-4 hours, is the one that brings you to the Maddalena Woods in Casamicciola, on the hills of the "Cretaio".

This path is appealing because it allows visitors to observe the lush Ischian flora, but also to reach places that were once volcanic mouths. The trip starts at the state street SS270, where the entrance to the Maddalena Woods is located. These woods are man-made; in the nineteenth century the botanist Gussone planted on this hill some pine trees, and today the area is like a very green dome which stands out also from the sea. The first part of this itinerary is uphill. At the beginning the road is paved, and then it becomes a trail. This narrow stairway immersed in the Mediterranean maquis will bring you to the "Cretaio". Here there are no more pine trees and the space is occupied by the spontaneous Mediterranean vegetation which grew on a very fertile volcanic ground.

The "Cretaio" is a very panoramic promontory. From here, you will be able to admire breath-taking views of Ischia, and especially a very beautiful perspective of the port.When you are walking, you won't notice the ancient volcanic mouths, which will be visible only when you reach the Fondo d'Oglio, whose round crater shape is well visible, even though the area is covered by vegetation. Here a very rare plant grows: The "nut grass", a close relative of the papyrus. End your walk with a visit to the area of the fumaroles: small steam mouths that stick out of the rocks, where tropical musk and the Pteris Longifolia, a species of fern that live at high annual average temperatures, grows.

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